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Vehicle Recovery

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Vehicle Recovery

With so many firms battling for business you probably wonder why you should choose Herts Car Transport above all else, however from feedback from our happy customers we can tell you why others choose us time and time again. We’ll always greet you with a smile and won’t be the tiniest bit annoyed if you ring us at unsociable hours needing help with vehicle recovery.

Our recovery operators are not only trained to deal with vehicle recovery in general, but also trained for health and safety, and customer service, thus ensuring that all jobs undertaken are dealt with efficiency and high quality.

As a small company we can keep costs low as we don’t have hundreds of staff pushing pieces of paper from desk to desk. All of our staff are fully experienced and efficient and so make it unnecessary to hire anyone else. With these lower overheads we pass the savings onto you giving you an affordable service with a family friendly team.

Herts Car Transport specialise in recovery services. Herts Car Tranport’s team of qualified operators are fully trained and have fully equipped recovery vehicles. We have successfully completed many long and short-term contracts for numerous major companies throughout the UK.

Our recovery trucks are fully equipped to recover any type of vehicle up to 7.5 tonnes.

We will be more than happy to deal with any questions you may have about any aspect of the services that we provide.